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Lake Nacimiento  
12:21pm 24/10/2011
Miss Tilly Tilly Coconut
Our stunning viewfeeling right at homehome sweet home at the lakesetting up campJake said it looked like a day bedJake took a photo of me eating, but in other news, check out those new glasses!
Jake borrowed Zack's super creepster zoom lens for the trip, this shot was taken from very far away85f in Octhella got my sun onour steed for this adventureEagle Ridge Campground at Lake Nacimiento resortNot a soul in sight for miles
Our private swimming pool at the lakeWe may have went skinny dipping ...VItamin DSuppliesLaundry serviceBack at camp
Campfire hot dogs are pretty much the greatest things of allHands down the prettiest campsite I have ever seen in CaliforniaNapAncient Old MilwaukeeOur kingdom for the weekendI fell in love with the entire campground

Lake Nacimiento, a set on Flickr.

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12:04am 03/11/2011 (UTC)
Great read! I wish you could follow up to this topic

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