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worthless ...  
03:11pm 02/01/2007
Miss Tilly Tilly Coconut
Why I hate apartment complexes

Oh dear lord in heaven

So, back in march, Bridgette and I decided to get our own place and move into a 2 bedroom. For convenience to our work, we settled on staying in Beaverton. Found a little place, signed a 6 month lease and gave them $400 for a deposit. We move into the place and it’s not quite what we were expecting. The neighbor has about 5 kids, its right on a max stop and the last tenant had cats. I’m thinking that he had about 98623459 cats judging by the amount of fleas that were in that goddamn place. Instead of being a bear about it, I just ask them to clean up the fleas and ignore the shady neighbors. A month later, after the check for the deposit hadn’t cleared, I walked in and asked them “Hey, gonna take that money out of my account?” the woman answers “Oh yeah, we lost that check, can you write us another one?”

*shakes head*

(Just for the record this happens with 2 of the rent checks that we wrote to them over the 8 months we lived there, they just “loose” it)

Not surprisingly, 8 months later we are all like, screw this, I wanna move back to Portland. Gave the 30 days notice and paid an extra $80 to have the move out date be on the 4th instead of the 1st.

Moving is always an absolute pain in the ass, you have U-haul trucks, packing boxes, taking time off work and all that horsecrap, not to mention cleaning your old apartment to get that much needed deposit, that is helpful while paying out such expenses. Considering that we got the place infested with fleas, I think we did a very good job leaving the apartment in better shape then we got it, but just to make sure, mamma had me take pictures of each room and do the walkthrough with a member of the apartment management’s staff. All went fine except for a chocolate stain in the master bedroom that was cause by my messy sister. Not a big deal though, not like we burnt the place down, for Christ sakes we only lived there like 8-9 months, how much damage could we really do? Signed the walkthrough, hand in our keys and were told to expect the refund check within 30 days of move out.

So, (deep breath), 2 weeks later, we get the summery of our deposit. There it was, the same as the one we signed when we moved out, but in different handwriting in one of the columns is additional notes. Wait, I didn’t sign to these new notes? Out of the $400 they are taking $120 for cleaning, $65 for paint, $55 for carpets and $80 for late rent, and to expect a refund check of $80 in the next few days. Yeah … $80 … out of $400. I kinda have a small shit fit and head on over there to bust some heads (not really that harsh, come on guys, you know I have people that do that kind of thing for me)

Much to my surprise the apartment manager is not the evil overlord that I thought he would be, he’s actually very pleasant and easy to talk to. So I call off my dogs and discuss things in a mature manner. You remember the extra $80 that we wrote to them for staying the extra 4 days? Of course, they didn’t know what apartment it went to so they just applied it to a random tenants account (no shit) and the girl that I did the first walkthrough with wasn’t “certified” (however you become “certified” to say an apartment is clean I have no idea, but I’m not arguing that) so the “certified” staff member went through and made the notes after the fact. I of course say “Well no, not fair, I didn’t sign for that, that’s kinda illegal sounding. You can’t add things to a signed paper after the fact without discussing it with me?” and mention the fact that there was no way they can justify $120 in cleaning expenses and $65 in paint. Just no way. The manager agrees and says I will receive a check for the $80 that they lost, $120 for cleaning and $65 for paint (I gave them the $55 for new carpets, but really it wasn’t THAT bad)

Now today … 2 weeks later … still no monies.

I drive out there and sit down with the manager during my lunch break and explain to him “Hey man! I would love the monies that you owe me?” He brings up my file and says that the original $80 they were going to give us back has already been sent out, and the check for the additional $265 that we discussed was just cut that day, so to expect that by next week.

“But Mr. Manager? I haven’t gotten a check for $80?”

“Actually, its just manager”

“Oh, right.”

“Let me see your file … oh, looks like the check for $80 was sent to Gladstone, do you live in Gladstone?”

That’s right people, Gladstone. I don’t even know where Gladstone is. If you said “hey, meet me in Gladstone” I would not know where to go. I live in Portland. I give him my shocked look and he says that he sent out an email to cancel the Gladstone check and issue a new one to my Portland address.

At this point I’m pretty damn sure they are doing this on purpose. I mean, really? REALLY really? And I’m not mad, I’m begging with them, PLEADING just stop messing with me. I’m not gonna get them in trouble, and I’m not mad. Just tell me the truth and stop messing with me please cause I know they are doing it on purpose cause there is no way that they are running a huge apartment complex like this. There’s just no way.

And that’s why I hate apartment complexes …
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07:26am 03/01/2007 (UTC)
i'm confussed
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08:11am 03/01/2007 (UTC)
Miss Tilly Tilly Coconut
So am I! I'm tellin yeah, wyndhaven apartments, 185th and baseline, steer clear
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09:53am 03/01/2007 (UTC)
That one bitch
At least you don't have to live by mumu bitch anymore.
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07:08pm 03/01/2007 (UTC)
Miss Tilly Tilly Coconut: pic#54891483
oh good lord that woman is a post in and of itself!
picword: pic#54891483
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09:26pm 16/01/2007 (UTC)
At least you are theoretically getting your money back. I've never ever gotten a deposit back.
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10:28pm 19/01/2007 (UTC)
Miss Tilly Tilly Coconut: Jakey
well i told you that if you invite slash and mariah carey over to party then they would trash the place. but did you listen?
picword: Jakey
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06:33am 17/02/2013 (UTC)
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