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very adorable  
09:51am 13/12/2006
Miss Tilly Tilly Coconut
Seriously, it’s so disgustingly adorable it’s ridiculous

apartment 055

apartment 051

I even amaze myself sometimes
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Casa del Mclain  
02:12pm 06/12/2006
Miss Tilly Tilly Coconut
Welcome to my home!

Yup, I know your super jealous cause it’s totally the most adorable duplex in the whole world! Right on 14th and Bush, a few blocks off of Powell, down the street from the 24 hour Hot Cake House and the Aladdin Theater in the Brooklyn area. SUPER CUTE! The neighborhood kinda reminds me of like Clinton Street and all them, but instead of eating veggies and riding bikes these hippies drive their cars and eat burgers.

Enough with the chit chat, would you like to come inside?

apartment 023

Welcome!Collapse )
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Fall is in motherfucker!  
04:36pm 13/09/2006
Miss Tilly Tilly Coconut
Now THIS is the kind of weather I love. It’s only 4:30 and its already getting all dark and gloomy. The wind is blowing the weak little summer trees around and it looks like any moment now it’s gonna rain.

Don’t get me wrong, the sun is cool (actually it’s hot, HA! Get it?) It’s just not my thing. Maybe it’s ‘cause I’m part bat, part zombie. I like it all dark and quiet, and I love to eat brains.

You can’t burrow up in your bed and read when it’s nice outside, you feel guilty or something, some asshole is always like “ooh but its so nice outside!” I’m sorry, but cuddling up in blankets, pretending to watch a movie but I’m actually napping with the window open, and the shades closed, in the rain and wind is my favorite thing ever. Cant do that in the sun now can ya?

A lot of stuff has happen to me in the last 7 months that I almost feel guilty that I’m not writing it all down. I mean, when I die, what are they gonna pull from to make my autobiographical Lifetime Original movie? They can just wing it, as long as they cast Ashlee Simpson to play me and Jean Smart to play my mamma, fucking love Jean Smart.
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Fucking breakfast  
03:28pm 05/09/2006
Miss Tilly Tilly Coconut
Well hello pumpkin! What a busy poodle I have been! September has been the month of celebrating for me, and good god it’s not even started yet, let’s take a stroll at the highlights of my life as recent.

First, let’s revisit my favoritest part, Yode’s bachelor party!

yode 012

You have to understand that details of the debauchery cannot be disclosed due to nature of the evening, but highlights include a pimp limo, lotsa boobies, gangsta jacking a stripper’s bling and polishing off the rest of the Jager with the boys on the hill. I must say that Coz is the coolest ever and Laura knows her way around some dive ass strip clubs. Most of all I think it was the bestest ever to reconnect with Jason, it had been far too long.

I also attended the annual celebration of Orian’s birth which tore its way through downtown Portland, ending with a trip to a donut shack with bacon doughnuts?

orian and moi

Orian is a classy dame, but also one that has powers in parallel parking more then your dear Margaret. After circling trendy first for what had to be 45 minutes and passing 2 perfectly good spots that I just couldn’t park in, I finally find a smart park and meet her and Patrick at Bartini. I wish I could tell you how much I love this places happy hour, ‘cause really it is to die for. We should totally go sometime, text me and we will grab some fondue and martinis.

Later of course karaoke was had, along with Chinese happy hour menus and dancing with some fabulous queens until it was way past my bedtime.

What’s this? More socializing? Well we can drop in on Shawn for a bit to wish him a happy (early) birthday!

shawnie and moi

Didn’t stay too long but it was so cool to see his face when he saw me there! What? It had been like 87634925634 years or something (or 6 months, whatever)? Met his crazy rad chick friend, drank a hoppy IPA and called it an early night

And my story ends celebrating the same guy that it started with, Yode’s wedding

labor day weekend 029

Not many people will I drive 2 hours out in the middle of nowhere for. Kind of my rule of thumb is if you don’t get cell phone service then you shouldn’t really be there, but this is different, this is Lucas, I think I can travel a bit for him.

I was holding up like a champ when I got there, but then I saw him. All snazzy and proud in his suit, yep, I started to cry and don’t think I finished sniffling until long after the ceremony was over. Just means a lot when you see someone you’re so close to look so happy and excited. I sniffle my way through the rest of the ceremony, as does Bridgette, which up until that point we all just figure she was a robot with no tears. We drink, we eat, we socialize and I hike up to a waterfall in a party dress and heels, like a fucking champ I might add.

Shit started crackin up on Yoder hill though

labor day weekend 040

Armed with camping gear, a ridiculous 6 person tent and half a bottle of the crow, it was time to get it poppin. Kickin it by the campfire, Shawn busting my balls and Jason telling stories it was really what life is all about. I know everybody thinks that their friends are the coolest ever, but really, mine are. Gossiping with Laura and giggling with Roxanne (who by the way is so much more awesome then me it should be illegal) I drink too much great beer and eventually I manage to stumble my not sober ass back to the tent and sleep in the woods.

Congrats Lucas, we all love you very much and are proud as punch that you are happy, thank you thank you thank you for such an awesome weekend!

Wanna see my adventures in more detail? Head over to my photos page ‘cause seeing is believing.


And remember, September 8th is the little Bridgette McLain's 21st birthday, text me and we all can make a night of it!
location: Work
mood: pleasedpleased
music: Beyonce B-Day
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I got the goods  
10:57am 07/06/2006
Miss Tilly Tilly Coconut
8 tracks from Paris Hiltons album were leaked on the internet and you all knew I would be the first to find them.

* Turn you on

* Heartbeat

* I want you

* Jealousy

* Turn it up

* Screwed

* Stars are blind

* Fighting over me

I got the video for Stars are Blind also, if your into that kinda thing.

Ping me for the goods (Yahoo = misstillytilly), you know you want them.

And since I am your top source for guilty pleasure pop, I got Nicole Richies demo too, the cover of the LFO song Dandelion, you know you want it.

I wont tell anyone, your secret is safe with me.
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(no subject)  
11:16am 04/05/2006
Miss Tilly Tilly Coconut
Zach then tried to explain to us his mentality with this whole Crystal thing. He said, "I'm not trying to get anything more from Crystal than a friendship and fun and someone that I can talk to and make out with and kiss." So... basically a girlfriend. That's like me saying, "I don't really want a car. I just want a vehicle that has wheels and doors and a steering wheel and can drive and run on gas and stuff."
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(no subject)  
04:41pm 28/04/2006
Miss Tilly Tilly Coconut
Well well well livejournal, what have you been doing lately?

Me? Funny you should ask!

It’s been possibly the most awesome 3 months ever! MTV should be filming this shit, classics I tells ya!

Work is still dreamy, I’m like, the luckiest girl ever! Keeping up in my baseball leagues and almost took it all in my NCAA BB tourney bracket (can someone say “Who the fuck is George Mason?” Fucking ‘Zags let me down). NFL draft is this weekend and I’m hoping for a RB for my cats, maybe a few more linebackers? We got Keyshawn though, so I’m not sweating this coming season at all, got a great schedule. So bring it Brees, welcome to the NFC south!

I do have a life outside of work though. Took in a couple Winterhawks games until my luck ran out and they couldn’t get passed Vancouver. But I mean hell, its Canada, they ARE hockey, just pretty stoked we got that far. Sundays are owned by mah girls Esmeralda and Laura at Chinkies karaoke. Found out that I guess I am pretty hot ‘cause guys sure do buy me drinks and stuff, that’s pretty awesome. Sometimes we hit up the stripperoke at Devils Point Sunday nights to sing to our Valentine. You ever sang karaoke while a lady is dancing with a pole? Not as easy as it sounds let me tell you.

The new place is quite the cozy joint, can’t really complain. I do miss living in SE though so if y’alls knows a cute apartment building around that area let me know! Get me out of this Hillsboro nonsense!

OH craziness of crazies! Totally joined a gym. Yup, I said it, what? I do about half an hour to an hour of cardio every other day which is crazy talk to the people that know me, but it’s really working! None of my clothes fit me anymore unless I’m going for the Mary Kate and Ashley “boho chic” look! I thought there would be hot guys there though and I was wrong. I’m sure they are pretty fine outside the gym but they are always all sweaty and stuff, eww.

Speaking of guys! Ha, no, just playing, don’t got a man right now and not really lookin’ that hard. I mean yeah, there’s a few that I fancy a bit, one in particular that is quite the catch I wont lie, but not actin’ a fool about it. That’s one thing I never learned is my playa game, I still got a few good years in me to learn though right? Who woulda thought that just calling a guy can be such a big thing? I’m such a girl!

Well, if you’re ever in the internet neighborhood drop me a line

Yahoo ID misstillytilly Tuesday to Saturday 8a-5p
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maroon 5 = karas flowers  
08:30pm 17/11/2004
Miss Tilly Tilly Coconut
so back in the days of la luna and underground ska bands i was quite the little rude girl. local ska festivals, going to see shows of bands i had never heard of for $5. back in those days everytime reel big fish was close to tri met distance, i was there.

the first show was opening for cherry poppin daddies (whom i never have been all that fond of) but the show was $10 and i got to see reel big fish (awesome). cool show, fell in love with their trumpet player. so starts the obsession for reel big fish.

2nd show, officially a groupie now, reel big fish opening for goldfinger. there was this little band nobody had even heard of, karas flowers, who were starting the show. when they started up i was in the la luna lounge, drinking water, getting ready for a big show (goldfinger and reel big fish? score!) but this little unknown band sounded so sweet. just sugary soft, flowing. made me rush out and see what was going on. me and like, 30 people, listening to this guy with the pretty big voice.

after the show, i head over to the merchandise counter to pick up my reel big fish/goldfinger 7" with the take on me cover. who is standing there? the lead singer of karas flowers! 6 foot everything of just hot. he looks at me, dripping from sweat after dancing to goldfinger, and those brown eyes and says "so your buying one of my shirts right?"

girls? try to say no to that

so i spend my last $14 on this over sized karas flowers shirt ...

the next day, i skip school and go to ozone records to find their album. and there it was, cracked down the middle, "for promotional use only" copy of the third world their only album. i get it for $6

i ran she shit out of that cd. evry song, memorized. every note, i could hit. just amazed how touching an albom could be. for years i tried to find out when i would have a new song list, or when they would grace the la luna stage again. years of wearing that shirt, while every kid at my high school asked me "whats with that?"

after hearing nothing from them for so long? i eventually gave up


skip to about a year ago. working at eb, i hear this love by a band called maroon 5 i hate them. i hate them because they sound like karas flowers, and i was upset that they got big by ripping off my little bands style. hit after hit, i loved the music, but deep down i wanted it to be karas flowers with the fame! karas flowers with the attention! until i saw them on mtv. the eyes, the sweat ...

yup. they are the same band.

and they are still amazing, and they still give me goosebumps. of course, i now have a tape for my car. side a, karas flowers. side b, maroon 5.

i just saw them on mtv, live from the hard rock cafe and i got the same goosebumps back again
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things im gonna be when i grow up:  
08:18pm 28/09/2004
Miss Tilly Tilly Coconut
1. Famous - I don't know how, and I don't know why, I just know I'm gonna be famous. I can't act, I sure as fuck can't sing and I dance all, white and stuff. But holy hell, if Paris Hilton can be famous for being fabulous, I can do it WAY better (not to mention I would sport a MUCH nicer weave).

2. Personal Shopper - Live vicariously through peoples money. Whether it be picking out a dress for Lindsey Lohan for the Oscars, or Britney Spears for the Grammys, I could do that shit. Debra Messing? You need new baby clothes for Roman? I do children's clothing too. Nicole Richie? You need matching doggy clothes for Hunny? No shopping will be turned away!

3. Samantha from Sex and the City - Well, minus the whole "sex sex sex" thing. She's a P.R manager! All that woman does is throw parties for new clubs and rock stars! Oh Lord can I do that! My "work" would be the talk of E! and all I would have to do is invite anybody who is anybody at the hottest clubs. The "kiss kiss" thing with a cosmo in one hand? yeah.

4. Sports Agent - No, not Jerry McGuire, he's a fag. Fucking Arli$$ bitches! Just buy and trade sports stars to other teams! Now yeah, I know, I don't really know THAT much about sports, BUT I'M A GIRL! How hot would that be? Not to mention I would get VIP in any country club.

5. Marketing Manager for a video game company - Lord knows this damn industry needs some new marketing angles. If I have to see one more video game commercial say the word "extreme" I will drive to fucking EA's building a crap on someone. I don't know who put it into marketer's minds that people who play video games also climb fucking mountains and are obsessed with the military because that couldn't be more far off base. The only thing that gamers climb is into bed. Military? Fuck it, they just want the guns! Since I care so much about this industry, I think I could do it a far needed change. A fresh look, one may say.

6. Chef - Not like the head chef of "Moe's Fish Shack", but like a real chef ... with a cooking show! Wearing a hot little apron number, cooking good food that real people can cook. I think I would rock at that! Ask Ben, I'm a damn good cook. Preach the word of the slow cooker and the deep fryer!

7. Radio Personality - OK, so Ghita can draw, Ben can play music, Cass knows math, what can I do? What's the trait that I was blessed with? Talking, and the only job I can think of that primarily requires you to talk is on the radio. I would just have to clean up my potty mouth a little bit ...

8. Work at ACS for Nextel's lost and stolen department ... HAHAHA I'M FUNNY!

9. Bartender - You know how on #7, I told you that my only real skill is talking? Well, I think I have 2, drinking. I know with the way I pour drinks, I would cash out the bar in 2 weekends, not to mention get myself sued for not cutting drunks off. But drunk people are funny! Bars are fun! The tips would be hot and if I worked at a music club, I might become "discovered", there by completing job #1!

10. Welder - I wanna make choppers and hot rods like on the Discovery Channel. I know it cant be that tough (I'm starting school for it on Thursday) and they have a union and job stability. And how much fun will that be? Totally tough environment, welding metal to metal. Being in a job that I can actually SEE my work being created, not just taking the next call. Something I can pull into being a real "career". It's a skill, it's a trade, it's what America was founded on! If I don't weld, the terrorists win!
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04:14pm 23/09/2004
Miss Tilly Tilly Coconut
welding classes at pcc: $496.21
getting our doggy's medical problems tested: $196.30
tilly going bat shit crazy with money problems: priceless

now, you must all admit that being faced with $595.91 is a hard number to stomach anyways, but to hear about this shit with in a period of 3 hours? ouch.

welding classes -
damn, i really wanna go back to school, so so badly. welding sounds SO DAMN FUN!! and i can TOTALLY see myself doing it. but at $62 a credit, and an additional $12 a credit for shop usage, not to mention books and parking passes thats a HUGE number! and true, i can go on payment options, its really hard to think about how im gonna budget that in. im just NOW getting myself back on my feet after the "big unemployed summer" of '03. i wanna go to school, i wanna get on with my life. im 22 years old, theres still hope for me! its just a scary thought when you realize that the minimum wage call center job is probably gonna be it for a while :(

the doggy -
i love our dog. shes kinda goofy looking, and everyone calls her a "rat", but i really do love her. i loved the fact when im hungover, all i have to do is make my whining noise and she cuddles with me. i love the fact that she has those little floppy ears that flip up when she chases imaginary flies. but the poor thing is just sad. she has a really really bad skin problem that keeps us up at night with her itching. shes getting up there in age (6-7 is pretty old for a small doggy) and tests and medication gets more and more expensive with age. so JUST for the tests to get an IDEA of whats wrong with her? $196.30, thats not including medication that may not even work. now if i was a live at home 35 year old wife? yeah, i think i probably will go for all this medical procedures, but im 22 and have a full time job. i cant handle such a high matience dog, and its sad. i asked the vet if there was a group of people that take in sick dogs, or if we took her to the pound, would she be adopted? he answered straight out "you are the only person on this planet that is gonna want this dog, no one takes in sick animals if they know they could get a healthy one just as easy"

i have the biggest headache imaginable, i just wanna cry

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