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not so much

it didnt come out of MY vagina

Miss Tilly Tilly Coconut
21 December 1981
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aarghita angel, adam warren, almond joys, americas next top model, arguing, babies everywhere, bam marjera, bombay and tonic, boys pants, breakfast club, britney spears, bubble wrap, cable tv, candace bushnell, candy, capcom, cardboard tube samurai, casio exilim, cheese fries, chewbacca powder, chihuahuas, chocobos, clefairy, cliffy b, clinique, cocktails, coconut, conference calls, convertables, cosmopolitians, crescent fresh, crossroads, cuddling, curdled, dead goose pillows, dead like me, december 21st, diet cherry coke, dizzy, doggys, drama, drive thru, driving, e3, fancy pants, featherbeds, flannel, flirting, gba sp, geeks, giggling, hackers, hbo, hello kitty, high heels, highway 26 traffic, house of next tuesday, ice cream, invisible monsters, jake delhomme, jet set radio, kiefer sutherland, laptops, late night fast food, laundry, lemon jolly ranchers, low rise jeans, making out, manual transmission, mari chan, mascara, mcmenamins, mindless self indulgence, monies and ponies, my sister, napping, ninjas, nintendo, nyquil, pajamas, peaches, penny arcade, piggies, pink, pocky, pop music, popeyes, pretty dresses, prom, puppy love, pwei, pyramid head, raccoons, ramune, real ultimate power, roscos chicken n waffles, safety monkey, samurais, sanrio, sega, sephiroth, sex and the city, sifl & olly, silent hill, snow, snow covered car lots, speaker phones, squirrels, sunshine at my window, super puzzle fighter, suzuki samurai, taffy, the playhouse, the space needle, the state, toys, ulala, unreal tournament, vegas weddings, videogame music, videogames, winning, your mom, zombies